Welcome to the GHOST project.

The main objective of the GHOST project is to design, develop and validate at an operational environment a GALILEO-based intelligent system for vehicles in order to take advantage of the public transportation fleet routes, towards enabling development of new cross-functional applications for infrastructures maintenance, street parking and garbage management in smarter cities environment.

With the increase of the density of people in urban areas, modern cities experience significant needs related to planning, maintenance and administration. As a result, many cities are engaged in massive investment for infrastructure development across many structural elements including water supply, lighting, maintenance, traffic and transportation systems, refuse disposal and all the factors which form a part of the completed city.

The public transportation systems, assisting the movement of people in urban areas using group travel technologies such as buses and trains, are continuously evolving in terms of areas coverage, comfort and technology. Such systems can be exploited by the cities in order to serve both private and social benefits including:

  • Maintenance of infrastructure such as lighting, road deteriorations etc.
  • Inspection of points of interests such as parking spaces, garbage collection points etc.
  • Provision of services to the private sector such as inspection of advertisement points (billboard, bus stop, etc.).

The GHOST intelligent system will be designed and developed based on a camera and a GALILEO receiver, integrated in mobile vehicles used for public transport. Such a system will enable to automatically take pictures of predefined Points Of Interest (POI) along the public transport networks, based on the accurate position of the mobile vehicle. Such GALILEO geo-tagged pictures will be a key enabler for the creation of several new services.

The main results of the GHOST project include:

  • Result 1 (R1): The GHOST intelligent integrated system for vehicles based on a camera and a GALILEO receiver.
  • Result 2 (R2): The GHOST intelligent integrated system instances for the different use cases.
  • Result 3 (R3): The cost-benefit analysis and business plan for the commercialization of the GHOST intelligent integrated system.
  • Result 4 (R4): The publicly available GALILEO measurements and the GHOST smartphone application.

The project started on 01/01/15, and its duration is 24 months.

The GHOST project is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme managed by GSA under grant agreement no 641495.
The partners involved in this project are: