Here is the complete list of the GHOST project deliverables. If you wish to receive a copy of the “Public” deliverables, please make a request through the Contact Us form.

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Scope Delivery date Status
D-1.1 Needs Analysis & Feasibility Study Document Internal 28/02/15  Completed
D-1.2 GHOST Functional & Technical Requirements Internal 30/04/15 Completed
D-2.1 Detailed Design & Justifications Document Internal 31/08/15 Completed
D-3.1 GHOST Embedded System v1 Internal 31/03/16 Completed
D-3.2 GHOST web portal v1 Internal 31/03/16 Completed
D-3.3 GHOST User Manual Internal 31/03/16 Completed
D-3.4 GHOST Embedded System final version Internal 31/10/16 Completed
D-3.5 GHOST web portal final version Internal 31/10/16 Completed
D-4.1 Validation Strategy and Test Plan Internal 28/02/15 Completed
D-4.2 Validation report Internal 31/12/16 Completed
D-5.1 GHOST Fact Sheet & website Public 28/02/15 Completed
D-5.2 Innovation Management & Exploitation Plan v1 Internal 31/12/15 Completed
D-5.3 Dissemination and Awareness Plan, Documentation and Materials Public 31/03/16 Completed
D-5.4 Project Workshop (and report) Public 31/03/16 Completed
D-5.5 Citizen smartphone application Internal 30/06/16 Completed
D-5.6 GALILEO measurements database Public 30/06/16 Completed
D-5.7 Final demonstration Public 31/10/16 Completed
D-5.8 Innovation Management & Exploitation Plan v2 Internal 31/12/16 Completed
D-6.1 Project Plan (Management, Administrative, Financial) Internal 31/01/15 Completed
D-6.2 Risk Management Log Internal 31/03/15 Completed
D-6.4 Final Progress Report Internal 31/12/16 Completed