Project News

Date Events / News
13 January 2015 Organisation of the  kic-off meeting in Athens, Greece
14 January 2015 Participation at the GALILEO Info Day in Prague, Czech Republic
02 February 2015 Irida Labs presented GHOST at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain
24 February 2015 Bitgear participated to Embedded World 2015 with a booth and project’s material in Nuremberg, Germany
23 April 2015 ATI and ISMB presented GHOST at Convegno Nazionale Trasporti in Cuneo, Italy
26 May 2015 Plenary meeting in Belgrade, Serbia
21 July 2015 Alpha presented GHOST project’s objective in order to raise awareness to the ITS companies agglomerated in ITS UK. Interested parties were invited to contact the consortium.
07 October 2015 Critical Design Review meeting
09 October 2015 Teletel participated to the H2020 Space Infoday and presented the GHOST solution to the participants (Brussels, Belgium)
20 October 2015 GHOST embedded platform ready
20 October 2015 Bitgear participated to the Satellite Masters Conference and presented the GHOST solution to the audience (Berlin, Germany)
29 January 2016 Intermediate Review meeting
23 February 2016 Bitgear participated to Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany
19 April 2016 Bitgear participated to H2020 Space Infodays in Lubljana, Slovenia
20 April 2016 GHOST’s user workshop will be held in Turin on 7 June 2016, stay tuned!
25 April 2016 Newsletter #1 is out!
17 May 2016 Bitgear became member of EAB (~Assioc. members Group) with the goal to explore the usage of 25 cm accuracy in GHOST.
07 June 2016 The GHOST user workshop took place in Turin, Italy
08 June 2016 Progress meeting in Turin, Italy
12 July 2016 Newsletter #2 is out!
09 November 2016 Test Readiness meeting in Belgrade, Serbia
09 January 2017 Newsletter #3 is out!
25 January 2017 Final review meeting in Athens, Greece